How to make a pledge for safety and health in the coffee supply chain

Pledge your

The pledge will be a way for stakeholders to commit to the movement and communicate their dedication to their followers.

When to post

After 1 October 2023, following the social media challenge, stakeholders will be invited to make a Coffee People Pledge.

What to post

Example: “The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia stands with coffee workers, and pledges to organize a regional webinar to share its OSH training materials and experience with similar coffee organizations. #CoffeePeople”

Step by step pledge guide

1. Identify your commitment
Use the collective action kit to reflect on the ways your organization or company can contribute to safety and health in the coffee sector. (Pledges made by non-state actors will appear on the website following the signature of a PPP agreement with the ILO on collaboration in relation to the #CoffeePeople Campaign.)

2. Write your pledge
Use our template: “The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Country stands with coffee workers, and pledges to organize a regional webinar to share its OSH training materials and experience with similar coffee organizations. #CoffeePeople”

3. Submit your pledge to the VZF Howspace
Follow the instructions on the platform to share your pledge and publi cize your dedication to the cause.

4. Post your pledge
Share your pledge on your preferred social media platforms.

5. Take action
Join the collective action campaign to enable meaningful change for coffee workers by implementing the actions outlined in your pledge.


The #CoffeePeople Pledge is a commitment that stakeholders make in relation to a concrete action they will implement to improve safety and health in the coffee supply chain. In our Collective Action Kit, you’ll find pledge examples for different stakeholder types – feel free to use them as inspiration!

Governments from coffee-producing and coffee-consuming countries; employers, employers’ organizations, and business membership organizations (EBMOs); workers and workers’ organizations; coffee growers (farmers, producers and workers); development partners active in the coffee supply chain; and international organizations.

Do your part to make progress towards a safer and healthier coffee supply chain for all. Improving OSH is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (especially no. 8 and no. 17) and creating a safer and healthier future of shared prosperity for everyone. Making a #CoffeePeople pledge will showcase your commitment to the campaign's objectives, and bring about visibility to the work that you are doing, enabling collaboration and networking opportunities.

Ideally, pledges will be made between 15 October and 1 December 2023.

You can submit your pledge through the #CoffeePeople Howspace, a platform that brings together all stakeholders to learn, collaborate, and arrive at decisions that drive progress. Don’t forget to also post it on social media with the hashtag #CoffeePeople so we can reshare it and promote it on our website.

If you are a non state actor and are planning on making a pledge, contact us early in the process by writing to vzf@ilo.org.

We move to implementation! You’re invited to connect with other stakeholders to share knowledge on Howspace. Follow the #CoffeePeople hashtag on social media to see the latest updates.

The ILO will provide information, tools and methodologies to support the implementation of the pledge. Please visit the Learn section of our website to know more. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, reach out at vzf@ilo.org.

The ILO will keep track of the pledges made. You are welcome to contact us to share information on how you are implementing your pledge, lessons learned and challenges that you are facing to contribute to advancing towards a safer and healthier supply chain - happy to hear from you!

Tracking impact


Number of pledges


Number of stakeholders that pledged


Number of communication activities

The coffee sector, which employs millions of people worldwide, should be a model of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, where all employees are treated with dignity and respect. Promoting respect for international labour rights and helping key stakeholders to commit to upholding these rights is essential to achieving inclusive growth, strengthening the stability and sustainability of the coffee industry and improving workers’ quality of life”

Vanúsia Nogueira, Executive Director of the ICO


Companies and organizations across the globe have pledged for coffee workers. What will yours be?


We need mutually supportive strategies to promote principles and rights at works.

The Coffee People Pledge is a commitment by governments, organizations, businesses, and many other stakeholders in the coffee industry to achieve tangible health and safety benefits for coffee workers throughout the global supply chain.

This is an opportunity to commit to the movement, network with others, and communicate around your actions and impact. Make your pledge to show your support.

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