Social media challenge

How to join the challenge for safety and health in the coffee supply chain

For every coffee worker, in every job

The challenge will inspire people to get involved in the campaign and to take action for coffee workers.

When to post

Starting from 1 October 2023, we will launch a social media challenge for coffee workers. We’re asking coffee stakeholders like you to post a selfie with your coffee cup.

What to post

Example: “The secret to great coffee is people! That’s why I dedicate this coffee to the workers who produce it, and I join the ILO’s Vision Zero Fund to protect their safety and health. I challenge @Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend3 @Friend4 @Friend5 to post a selfie with your coffee cup! Together, we can make a difference for #CoffeePeople”

Watch the video and join the #CoffeePeople challenge!

Step by step challenge guide

1. Prepare your coffee cup
Choose a coffee cup that you’d like to feature in your post.

2. Take a selfie
Capture a selfie while enjoying your cup of coffee.

3. Write a caption
Use our template: “The secret to great coffee is people! That’s why I dedicate this coffee to the workers who produce it, and I join the ILO’s Vision Zero Fund to protect their safety and health. I challenge @Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend3 @Friend4 @Friend5 to post a selfie with your coffee cup! Together, we can make a difference for #CoffeePeople”

4. Tag other stakeholders
Challenge at least three organizations, companies, or individuals and tag them in your post.

5. Use the official hashtag
Include the official hashtag, #CoffeePeople.


Anyone can post! You can join the challenge as an individual from a personal account, or as a government, organization, or company from an official channel.

If you are a coffee lover that cares about occupational safety and health in supply chains, spread the world about this campaign to raise awareness and trigger positive change.

You can post anytime between 1 October and 10 October.

Yes! Feel free to personalize the text to better reflect your or your organization’s mission. However, the campaign is about promoting occupational safety and health – make sure that, whatever change you make, the emphasis remains on that topic.

Please use #CoffeePeople so we can find and share your post.

Of course! We suggest you do both – a group picture with colleagues from your work unit, for example, and a personal post.

Anywhere! Facebook, Linkedin, X (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok – feel free to post on your favorite and on multiple channels.

Any language! We have suggestions for you in English, Spanish, and French on our Trello board.

We move to action! You’re invited to look through the Collective Action Kit, packed with ideas on how your organization can make a concrete commitment for safety and health in coffee.

Share this information with your friends and colleagues! You can also post this video, which explains the challenge, on your social media accounts and help us spread the word. 

If you have any questions about the challenge that are not addressed above, please feel free to contact us at

Invite your staff to join the challenge!

We invite posts from organizations and companies, as well as individuals posting on their personal social media channels.

We suggest sending this a few days before 1 October.


People all over the world have made their post for #CoffeePeople.
Add yours today!


Raise your cup for change

The #CoffeePeople public awareness campaign officially launched on 1 October! You’re invited to take a selfie with a cup of coffee and to post it with a caption that acknowledges the workers who produced it. Your post will help to raise awareness about the ILO’s Vision Zero Fund’s work to protect their safety and health.

The challenge aims to build a global movement, so everyone is encouraged to like, comment, and share posts with our official hashtag #CoffeePeople.

Who can join?
Governments from coffee-producing and coffee-consuming countries; private sector stakeholders (employers, employers’ organizations, and business membership organizations); workers and workers’ organizations; coffee growers (farmers, producers and workers); development partners active in the coffee supply chain; international organizations

Anyone who works in the coffee industry or has a vested interest in the social, economic, and environmental aspects of the coffee supply chain is invited to join the social media challenge!

While different stakeholders have different roles and perspectives, ultimately they all play a part in shaping the coffee industry and its impact on people and the planet.

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What should I do next?

Coffee People Pledge

Make a concrete commitment to safeguard workers’ rights and foster sustainable practices in the coffee supply chain.

Collective action kit

Identify dozens of specific actions and communication activities your organization or company can take to support #CoffeePeople.


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