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Stay organized and up-to-date with our Trello board. Explore the various tiles to discover valuable content related to the campaign. We have divided the resources into three main categories:

Videos: Watch our explanatory videos that highlight how stakeholders can get involved in the campaign, as well as inspiring ones that cover the importance of OSH in the global coffee supply chain. Gain insights into the campaign’s objectives and the positive impact it aims to achieve.

Social Media Cards and Messages: Access a collection of visually appealing social media cards and pre-written messages. Use these assets to spread awareness about OSH, share statistics, and encourage others to join the campaign.

Visual Identity and Brand Guide: Maintain consistency and strengthen our campaign’s visual identity with our comprehensive brand guide. It provides guidelines on logo usage, color palette, typography, and more. Help us maintain a unified and impactful brand presence.


Decent work is productive and provides a fair income, workplace security, social protection, personal development, freedom of expression, and equality. ILO promotes these aspirations for all, enabling people to participate in decisions that affect their lives.
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Occupational safety and health is the discipline dealing with the prevention of work-related injuries and diseases as well as the protection and promotion of the health of workers. It aims at the improvement of working conditions and environment. The ILO assists Member States and social partners establish occupational safety and health management systems and create a culture of prevention.
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The ILO Vision Zero Fund uses a collective action approach and works with global stakeholders to eliminate work-related injuries and illnesses in supply chains. It provides support, resources, and expertise to promote safe and healthy workplaces through prevention strategies and capacity building.
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With the establishment and implementation of national OSH policies and adequate OSH management systems at workplace level combined with the right access to information and training these injuries and diseases are preventable.

Contacts and media enquiries
For all press enquiries or media-related requests, please reach out to Maria Munaretto, our dedicated contact person, at We will be happy to assist you and provide any necessary information or materials.


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Connect with us on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest news, developments, and activities of the campaign. Follow our page for valuable insights and engage in discussions about OSH in the global coffee supply chain.

Press releases

Learn more about our campaign through our official ILO press release. More updates are coming soon!

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